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Losing Weight When You’re Addicted to Indian Food…

All kinds of addictions are bad until you realize Indian food is also addictive!

Popularized across the globe for being tasteful yet fattening, Indian cuisine is among the most esteemed traditional foods. And finding a reliable place in the West that offers food that’s true to its origins is nearly impossible. But not anymore with our eatery nestled in the center of Seattle’s Roosevelt neighborhood.

We pamper you with the most delicious Indian meals, but we also have food options for fitness freaks.

Food That’s Full of Traditions and Love

Nothing beats the perfect balance of flavors and tantalizing aromas rising from Indian curries. Be it butter curry or korma, the smell of freshly cooked Indian food will waft through any distance and reach your nostrils in no time.

There’s a lot that goes into preparing an Indian meal. It’s more than following a recipe book line by line or measuring spices in calibrated spoons before adding them in the pot.  It’s the love and taste of pure Indian culture that makes people fall in love with the traditional flavors deeper.

It’s not just curry in a plate; it’s the assimilation of variant cultures collected from the streets of Indian cities and brought to your table in Seattle. Each bite takes you on a short trip to the Indian festivals, food specialties and home-cooked delicacies that were the highlight of every occasion.

This is the kind of love you experience when you order a rack of lamb masala at our restaurant! And naturally, it’s hard to resist falling in love with a curry that offers such a wholesome experience and a few inches added to your waist.

Fattening and Calorie-Dense Foods

When it comes to enjoying an Indian meal, your appetite will know no moderation. It’s humanly impossible to resist soft, steaming-hot flatbread served with a plate of korma. And the beautifully steamed rice that are cooked to perfection and saturated with a mouthful of flavor in each grain.

Trouble begins when you fill up your plate with copious amounts of rice in the second and third go. That applies to endless rounds of naan as well that’s made to look and taste scrumptious with melted butter drizzled on top.

Since it’s made with white flour, excessive amounts of that can be fattening. With generous spoonfuls of ghee or oil also used during preparation of curries, the meals are dense in calories and a risk for those watching their diet.

Healthy Choices in an Indian Menu

If you’re following a strict diet plan and trying to control your weight, you can still enjoy Indian foods. All you need to do is be careful while ordering and make your choices sensibly. Instead of keeping your dinner choices full of curries and rice dishes, go for a chicken tikka entrée or smoked kababs like seekh kabab, lamb boti kabab and fish tikka— foods that are rich in protein.

It’s best to switch to whole wheat rotis instead of buttered naan, garlic naan, or paneer naan. This will significantly reduce your intake of carbs and replace it with nutrients. Remind yourself that drastic changes are never good for the body so going in a starvation mode is unhealthy too. Cut down your portions and replace oily treats with salads and fresh greens so that you can cut down on your waist size without losing out on the eating experience.

If you’re looking for authentic Indian cuisine in Seattle, you’ve come to the right place! We offer traditional Indian meals, cooked to perfection and served in a way that make them hard to resist. Come try our food.

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