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Indian Food Lunch Specials Near Me - Part 1

Indian Food Lunch Specials Near Me
Indian Food Lunch Specials Near Me

With the busy holiday season fast approaching, it can feel like a rush to get everything done. Between cooking, cleaning, and shopping, the holidays can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Amidst all of the holiday chaos, it’s important to give yourself a break, and what better way than to treat yourself to a delicious lunch out?

At India Bistro, we offer different lunch specials made from scratch each day. Here’s a list of our weekly Indian food lunch specials so you can plan your next takeout order:

Monday: Butter Chicken

When it comes to Indian food, Butter Chicken is one of the most popular choices. Our Butter Chicken at India Bistro is made using boneless pieces of chicken cooked first in a tandoor, then simmered to perfection in a tomato gravy cream, made from scratch. Butter Chicken is the ultimate Indian comfort food, perfect for indulging in at any time of day.

Tuesday: Bone-In Chicken Curry

If you’re a fan of curry, give our special Bone-In Chicken Curry a try! The chicken remains juicy and tender as it’s cooked in our rich and succulent curry for a filling and delicious lunch option.

Wednesday: Chicken Tikka

Our Chicken Tikka is one of our top Indian food lunch specials here at India Bistro. We make our Chicken Tikka with pieces of tender, boneless chicken breast marinated in our special blend of spices and grilled in a tandoor.

Thursday: Tandoori Chicken

Are you feeling especially hungry? This one’s for you! Our Tandoori Chicken special features half of a spring chicken marinated in a unique blend of spices and grilled in the tandoor for a hearty and healthy lunch.

Friday: Lamb Vindaloo

Our Lamb Vindaloo is a spicy specialty from the Western Indian state of Goa. This dish is packed with tons of flavor thanks to its rich sauce made from fresh ginger, onions, tomatoes, and garlic, simmered with vinegar, spices, and potatoes.

Saturday: Okra Masala

Okra Masala, also known as Bhindi Masala, is a hearty and flavorful vegetarian lunch special made with stir-fried okra in a unique blend of masala spices.

Sunday: Lamb Jalfrezi

Jalfrezi is an excellent option for a healthy, lighter lunch. Our Lamb Jalfrezi is made with fresh sauteed vegetables cooked with caramelized onions, tomatoes, and tender pieces of lamb.

This week, give yourself a lunch break with one of our specials here at India Bistro in Seattle, Washington! Each of our options comes with one side dish, white basmati rice, buttered naan bread, and a dessert. We also provide various vegetarian options each day of the week, which can be found on our website under “Daily Specials.”

No matter what day of the week, there’s something for everyone here at India Bistro Roosevelt. Place an order for takeout today!

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