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India Bistro’s Favorite Seafood Indian Food Part 1

To some people, Indian food and seafood may not immediately register as symbiotic. Until you consider how much coastline the country of India has. Approximately 7,500 kilometers of coastline- do you know how that compares to Washington state? Washington state has 253 kilometers of coastline. Almost all coastal communities in India include some fish in their cuisine. The most popular seafood used in India are fish, crab, and prawns. India is a country of much exotic seafood with much variety of species in the coastal waters. India is in fact one of the leading seafood exporters in the world. Which makes enjoying seafood at an Indian Restaurant in the Pacific Northwest even more symbiotic. The complimentary flavors of Indian spices with the seafood and how the seafood takes on new depth with Indian spices is not something to be missed.

King Prawn Korma

Fresh king prawns cooked in a unique blend of garlic clovers, ginger roots, and a yogurt cream finished with coconut curry sauce on top. If you have never tried seafood in an Indian restaurant, this would be a strong start, and possibly the last time you will try something new from our menu- because you’ll love it so much you won’t want to try anything else!

India Bistro Seafood Trio

Cannot choose one- why not three? King salmon, scallops and prawns are grilled in our tandoor oven and finished with creamy citrus sauce that will keep you craving more. Order extra if you’ve got a group, so everyone can try some!

Curried Mussels

From our appetizer menu, fresh mussels simmered in a tangy garlic curry sauce. Even if you already like mussels, you are going to love these.

Cayenne Garlic Prawns

From our appetizer menu, fresh prawns fried to a crisp. These prawns are marinated with our house spices in rice flour and served with avocado ranch dressing. It is so delicious, you will never skip ordering appetizers next time. It’s memorable.

Try our popular Seafood dishes today! We invite you to enjoy the Best Indian Food in Seattle, WA here at India Bistro in Roosevelt. We are now back open for dine-in service during lunch time. You can also try our carefully crafted dishes by placing an order for takeout or delivery today, and be sure to try our other menu items.

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