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We are your one stop destination for delicious Indian Food in Seattle

We are an award-winning family restaurant beautifully located in Seattle WA. We have been serving finger-licking authentic Indian food in our restaurants and satisfying the cravings of our local customers and tourists from all over the world for over a decade. Once you try our delicious Indian meals, we are certain that you will fall in love with our food over and over again. All your favorites such as Chicken Tikka Masala, Biryani, Garlic Naan, Goat Curry, etc. we have all of that in our menu also we have a large selection of Indian dishes along with local and imported beverage choices to quench your thirst.


You can even order our Indian food online in Seattle, WA. Simply choose your preferred time and method of delivery (we also give you the option of picking up the food from the restaurant), and authentic Indian cuisine will arrive at your doorstep!

We are Rich in Flavors

When herbs and spices are added to a dish, they act on the ingredients in some specific and wonderful ways. Contrary to what you might think, they don't always make the dish spicy. Only a few spices actually add a hot taste. Most Indian spices act as aromatics, which add subtle fragrance to the food. Others are coloring agents, to make classic dishes lovely to behold.


Still other spices add tartness or can help to tenderize the meat. Still other spices can lend texture a sauce. The cuisine is also known for it's delicate flavors and silky sauces. Often, the dishes are prepared with yogurt, cream fruits and nuts to mellow and velvetize the sauces.


Our Delicious Vision

Located in the heart of Seattle's Roosevelt neighborhood, we invite our guests to explore the nuances of Indian cuisine rarely seen in the West.


Influenced by a range of culinary traditions, from colorful street foods to the hidden staples of home cooks, our menu is anchored in the regional cuisines of India. Using the best of the Pacific North West's seasonal organic ingredients, our chefs melds traditional Indian preparations with contemporary techniques. 


The creative approach we bring to the food extends to our cocktail menu which deftly blends Indian spices and herbs, from the subtle to the assertive, with our bartender’s collection of craft spirits.  Our global wine list was carefully chosen to complement the array of flavors you’ll discover on our menus.

Image by Casey Horner

A Hardworking Staff

Here at India Bistro, the word staff means much more. It means family. We are a family made out of individuals who trust and help each other get the job done. For us, working in this restaurant isn't a job. It's all sorts of fun and exciting new experiences that occur every day. Without our hardworking staff, nothing would be possible. Each and every day, they come through the doors with a big smile on their face ready to take on the day. 

If you want to become part of this family, feel free to click the button below. 

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