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Homemade vs. Restaurant Style—Why Indian Food Always Tastes like Home

It’s no surprise that out of all ethnic cuisines hailing from different cultures, Indian cuisine tops the list as it offers a range of comfort, home foods.

There’s something about the homemade quality of Indian meals that warms your heart and expands your appetite to eat some more. Be it the warm, fluffy naans soaked with the most flavorful curries or the flavorfully spiced chicken tikkas, Indian cuisine boasts of the most delectable specialties.

What makes it particularly appetizing is that it offers a variety of flavors that replicate the quintessential taste of delicacies shared and enjoyed on traditional events. This sense of belonging and adoration for every bit of a culture is not lost on those who don’t share the same cultural origins either. Even people in the West enjoy the traditional touch that Indian cuisine brings to their dinnertime menus.

Here’s why Indian foods are such a sensation even miles from the hometown.

The Way to the Heart Is Through the Stomach

As the saying goes, the way to one’s heart is through their stomach. Indian cuisine and its vast fan following is the biggest exemplification of this phenomenon. People in India and across the world don’t just eat to fill their appetite; they eat because they want to and it makes them feel better!

Feeling low? Get some pakoras, dip them in the traditional chutney and enjoy the flavorful crispiness.

Feeling high? Get some butter curry to douse your senses with its rich heaviness and make you full of love.

Feeling angry? Get a paneer naan with any of our famous curries and pull it apart to release its steaming freshness and thick threads of cheese.

And the list goes on . . . Because there’s a food for every emotion in the Indian menu card!

Foods That are Famous As The Best Comfort Choices


Be it in the form of tikka masala or curry, chicken is the choice of meat for every Indian food connoisseur! People love to munch on every bite when the soft meat is drenched with flavor and cooked to juicy perfection.


From perfectly cooked boiled rice that go with every curry as a side, to expertly cooked Biryani, rice is an essential in the Indian menu. Nothing is more symbolic of the Indian food culture than the mandatory rice dishes.


Potatoes sit at the top of the vegetable hierarchy in Indian cuisine. The food lovers enjoy variants of the vegetable, prepared in mouth-watering ways. From potato curry to seasoned potatoes as a side, the nation loves everything about this vegetable!

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