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5 Most Popular Indian Dishes That Vegetarians Will Love!

Indian food has a range of health benefits that make it a popular choice for most Seattle residents. Another aspect of Indian cuisine that contributes to its mass appeal is that the menu is always diverse and offers a wide range of options for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you want to celebrate a momentous occasion or just feel like trying something different for a change, the Indian food experience isn’t limited to Indian people. Meat-lovers and vegetarians all over the world unite to enjoy a cuisine that truly has it all.

The next time you want to support a friend who doesn’t eat meat, don’t bother wondering if you can make alterations on the menu. Our menu has all kinds of vegetarian dishes that they will love!

Here are some of the most popular Indian dishes even you won’t be able to resist.

Potato balls (Koftas)

If you love gravy and cheese then this lovely minced Indian cream cheese gravy with balls of fried potatoes stuffed with dried foods will make your mouth water.

This is the perfect soupy and fulfilling main dish to enjoy with either rice or chapatti (the latter is likely to fill you up more). It has just the right seasoning to tantalize your taste buds.

Indian food

Lentils (Daal)

This is a great source of protein packed with multiple nutrients and essential vitamins necessary for building muscle strength. And Indian know how to cook lentils well! You can enjoy them with a classic Indian garnish of garlic and ghee or a creamy version with mild spices and a hint of clarified butter.

indian vegetable dishes

Spicy Okra (Bhindi)

This versatile vegetable can be enjoyed in more ways than one. Personally, we think the crispier the better! We also serve it with sautéed fresh tomatoes to add acidic flavors complemented by onions and spices for the ultimate kick.

Baked eggplant (Bharta)

You won’t be able to enjoy eggplant any other way after you get a taste of the smoky, tangy flavor of this Indian dish. You get a pulpy, slightly creamy texture of the vegetable with lots of herbs and spices.

Green peas and cheese (Mattar paneer)

You’d never think this combo would work but when you have some naan dipped in green peas made in Indian masala, you’ll soon change your mind. Enjoy this spicy gravy and a variation of this with potatoes in aaloo mattar.

Want to treat your vegetarian friends to an exciting culinary experience? Visit our restaurant in Seattle for some of the best Indian cuisine, where there’s something for everyone. You can also order our Indian food online in Seattle!

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