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The Divine Beauty of the Classic Indian Food

Did you know there is a scientific reason behind what makes Indian food so darn delicious? That’s right, Indian food and people’s undying fascination with it has been extensively studied by researchers!

The group of researchers examined 2500 Indian recipes in an attempt to find out what makes it sooo good!

And the answer is…it’s the way it’s prepared.

Complexity of Flavors

The way Indian foods are prepared is wildly different to how western meals are cooked. In Indian cuisine (and in other Asian cuisines) there is a complexity of flavors. With every bite, your mouth switches between tangy, sweet, spicy and earthy flavors that are infused into thick creamy sauces garnished with the perfect blend of herbs. The meat is cut into small pieces, it’s tender, succulent and ready to melt in your mouth.

It’s not just the meat curries that make North Indian food amazing, the vegetables are just as good. They are slow-cooked with spices and herbs to add layers of complexity to otherwise simple dishes.

Food Pairing in Recipes

The researchers who led the study of Indian food found that the biggest difference between Indian and Western food was the pairing of flavors in recipes. Each Indian dish relies on a blend of spices; no single flavor dominates the dish.

For example, a dish that is cooked with cayenne pepper will have other flavors that tone down the heat of the pepper. Ingredients will be added for sweetness, tanginess, earthiness, etc. and it’s this unique harmony of flavors that make Indian food so irresistible. It keeps you guessing!

It’s Comfort Food

Indian food is the divine synthesis of aroma and sophisticated flavors—all while remaining true to its homey roots.  Indian cuisine is comfort food, it’s not trying to be sophisticated, it just is!

The whiff of the spices along with the freshly cooked chapatis once you enter the house after a long day at work is sure to put a smile on your face.

Compared to other cuisines, Indian food in the USA is much more affordable, you can feed your whole family with a bowl of Indian curry with the same amount of money you spend on a single deli sandwich!

So what are you waiting for? Got a craving for finger-licking Indian food?

Make your way down to Indian Bistro in Roosevelt, Seattle! We’re the go-to place for authentic North Indian food!

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