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India Bistro’s Favorite Vegan Indian Food

Vegan food has long been a very popular trend in Seattle. There are many studies proving the health benefits associated with this diet. Vegan food can also be very tasty and offers a wide selection. Restaurants are now developing their versions of vegan dishes that can cater to most taste buds. Here’s our favorite Vegan Indian Food here at India Bistro.

Aloo Gobhi This savory dish is cooked with Cauliflower and cubes of potatoes with a hint of spice, garlic, ginger sauce, and onions. There are different variations of this dish but we stayed true to the most authentic version and elevated the ingredients to ensure a flavorful outcome.

Aloo Chole Similar to Aloo Gobhi but with Garbanzo beans instead of Cauliflower for more protein and fiber benefits. Cooked with potatoes, ground onions, and spices. This is a true Punjabi style of cooking.

Bhindi Masala

Masala is an aromatic dish where a blend of different spices yields a distinct and savory flavor. Okra is the star of this dish and is sauteed with fresh tomatoes, onions, and spices.

Daal Maharani (Black Lentils)

This fan-favorite comfort food is cooked with creamed black lintels tempered and seasoned in mild spices. This is one of our specialties and will definitely help keep you warm during the rainy and cold seasons.

Here at India Bistro in Roosevelt, we pride ourselves in healthy and authentic Indian Food cooking. Come visit us today and try one of our famous Vegan dishes.

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