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Why the World Loves Indian Food

Butter chicken, lamb masala, vegetable pakoras, Baba Gannoj—all names of popular South Asian cuisines that people all over the world have grown to love.

‘Indian food’ is an umbrella term that encompasses Indian and South Asian food and cuisines from across the region. The gastronomic variety within Indian cuisine is immense; it’s an incredible variety of flavors, textures and combinations.

Spicy, sweet, tangy, scents, bursts of flavor that leave you wanting more, tantalizing your taste buds. There’s no such thing as too much Indian food!

What makes Indian food so popular though?

India is a huge country, with thousands of local cuisines native to its different states and regions. South Indian food is vastly different from North Indian food and even street foods that are common to the whole country, come with unique additions based on the place you are in.

One thing is for sure though; nearly everything you can get your hands on is going to be a delight. From warm, spicy samosas, perfectly fried to a crispy outer layer and spicy potato insides, to spicy, tender tikka masala, it’s a world of goodness.

People love Indian food for various reasons. It’s a treat for people who aren’t familiar with the cuisine, or those who love the taste of authentic food that reminds them at home. At India Bistro, we see customers from across the South Asian diaspora coming in for delicious Indian food in Seattle every day!

The Flavor

Like we said, Indian food offers incredible flavors.

In the same dish, whether it’s a street food item or a delicacy, you’re likely to find a whole range of flavors. The tang of tamarind is easily paired with the thick, cold, sour flavor of yogurt, with no shortage of spicy green chili. You’ll eat rice that’s sweet and scented, and desert made of vegetables—carrot halwa anyone? The possibilities are endless.

The Variety of Options for Food Preferences and Lifestyles

People assume that all Indian food is spicy and tangy; however, the variety is incredible. You’ll find dozens of vegetarian and vegan options that taste incredible and plenty of meaty choices too. There are several techniques and methods of cooking the same items, such as seafood! There truly is something for everyone.


Food Brings Happiness

Often, community and friendship are at the heart of Indian food experience. People love coming together over a cup of steaming hot tea and some gulab jaamun and sharing a bowl of spicy daal and catching up on the events of the day.

There’s so much when it comes to the world of Indian food; you’ll never know till you try! So check out our menu and drop by our Indian restaurant. You can also contact us here to learn more!

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