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Why Indian Food is the Perfect Cuisine for Busy Students

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Indian food is popular across the world for its nutritious and flavorful nature. A typical Indian meal contains meats, vegetables, sometimes fruit, spices and lots of flavors. Whether it’s a traditional butter chicken meal, or some rich, textured daal, you’ll never run out of options for delicious Indian food.

It’s ideal for those who need a healthy dose of delicious comfort food, chock-full of texture, scents and varying degrees of sweetness, spiciness and tangy delightfulness. However, it’s also great for those who need that extra dose of nutrition.

Indian Food—The Perfect Fix for Hungry Students

Being a student, especially a college student, is tough. It’s hard to balance your coursework, classes, homework, living independently and managing all your needs including food. Most students don’t get time to cook, which means they’re deprived of healthy and balanced meals, resorting to ramen and cheap takeout.

Eating out on a regular basis is expensive and most college kids can’t really afford to order in each night. Their diets suffer immensely, with a lack of nutritious content and an increase in junk and fast food. No wonder the freshman 15 is far from being a myth!

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Indian food is truly the perfect choice for college students—or any student really, for several reasons. For instance:

1) It tastes amazing

Hands-down, the biggest reason why Indian food is perfect for anybody is the rich, aromatic quality and flavor. It’s exactly what bored, hungry students need, helping them bring in variation in a slew of bland cafeteria food. From those who love their daily dose of spice to those who prefer something milder, there’s plenty to choose from.

2) It’s easy to eat

Some naan, rice or just a fork and spoon are enough to eat most Indian meals. Eat them as they are and leave out the extra carbs or go all-out and indulge yourself in the warm goodness of bread and rice.

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3) It’s got all major nutrients and food groups

It helps you get in most of your important nutrients, including protein through meat and lentil, iron and magnesium, fiber, carbs, calcium and so much more. Not just nutrients, but you also pack in all your necessary food groups like carbs, meat, and dairy.

Not to mention everything tastes amazing, too! Health and flavor come together in the perfect blend!

4) It’s budget-friendly

For students who are on a budget, Indian food is the perfect option. Our menu items are priced to be accessible to everyone, and can be viewed here. The serving sizes are generally big, too, which means multiple people can share a single item.

If you’re a hungry, young student looking for the meal of a lifetime, you can always stop by India Bistro. We’re one of the best Indian food restaurants in Seattle! Get in touch with us today!

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