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The Evolution of Indian Food in the United States

Indian food is easily one of the most popular cuisines in the United States. The distinct ability of the cuisine to create a perfect blend of flavors using a plethora of spices and earthy herbs is unmatched by any other cuisine. Known for its spices and aromatic ingredients, the cuisine has quickly become a favorite for most people in the United States.

If you’re a fan and can’t go without eating chicken tikka at least once a week, it’s only fair that you know a little bit about the history of Indian food in the United States.

Read more for a quick history lesson on the evolution of Indian Food in the United States. After all, this definitely sounds like an interesting way to beat the quarantine boredom!

A multi-cultural hub

After the Industrial Revolution, it wasn’t long before the hype of the American dream took over the world. The idea that you can climb up the ladder of classes with pure hard work and dedication appealed to everyone around the world. Eventually, it resulted in several people putting America on a pedestal.

The same is true for Indians. According to a report from in the 1920s suggested that it was the influx of Indian immigrants that led to the rise of Indian food in the United States. With so many Indians earning livelihoods in a country where dreams come true, big cities like Chicago and New York saw an increase in Indian restaurants.

The food

Much like every other cuisine that made its debut in the United States, Indian cuisine also had to evolve a little to keep up with the taste buds and dietary needs of the resident Americans. The abundant use of spices was cut down a little to meet the mild pallets of Americans—leading to several changes in the ingredients used in some of the most classic dishes from the Indian cuisine.

As such, the popularity of Indian food grew and spread across several cities in the United States, including Seattle.

Is it time for authentic Indian cuisine?

Over the years, the demand for Indian food has surged. This is primarily due to the ever-evolving taste preferences of the multi-cultural and multi-general United States. It wouldn’t be naïve to say that Americans are now ready for authentic Indian cuisine.

This could also be attributed to a variety of Indian cuisine. It satisfies the carvings of those who love spicy food and even those who want to adopt a healthy or vegetarian lifestyle.

Is this history lesson making you drool just by making you think of your favorite Indian dishes? Make your quarantine a little fun by cooking delicious Indian meals for you and your loved ones!

But if you’re leaving for the real deal, head over to one of the best Indian food restaurant in Seattle after the quarantine!

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