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Takeout Signature Dishes at India Bistro Roosevelt

Restaurants and eatery business not only feed us but also offer us a place of familiarity and pleasure. With a lockdown in place, not being able to visit these places and de-stress yourself is, in itself, a great loss. A nationwide lockdown only worsened the situation for small businesses, especially food businesses. 

As the situation unfolds and solutions become bleaker, the restaurant owners fear their permanent shutdown. Working with their slim profits, most food businesses will take years to recover from this immense loss. Eateries that can have their doors open for takeout and deliveries while some are selling pantry boxes and gift cards. 

Ordering delivery and takeout can help the food business in these trying times. Eateries and restaurants need out patronage and aid to support their businesses.  

Here are some of the mouth-watering Indian dishes that you can savor all the while by staying indoors and practicing social distancing. 

India Bistro Seafood Trio

Whether you are a diehard seafood lover or a pescatarian, you probably love a refined combination of seafood delicacy. 

The subtle refreshing taste of salmon accompanied by the buttery and succulent flavors of scallops and prawns; India Bistro Seafood Trio offers you a blast of rich flavors. The creamy citrus sauce lends a tangy and buttery finesse to the dish. Grilled in tandoori oven and served with basmati rice and vegetables, this dish will make you crave for more. 

Rack of Lamb Masala

The most luxurious and delectable cut from the lamb flourished with authentic Indian flavors; rack of lamb masala offers a flavorful burst. Marinated deeply to let our signature sauce seep through this luxurious cut and cooked to perfection in our tandoor. The succulent texture and the delectable flavor flourished with a garlic masala sauce and served with basmati rice and vegetables.

King Prawn Korma 

The ideal combination of Indian flavors and seafood delicacy- King Prawn Korma lets your taste buds experience the delectability of prawns and richness of Indian food. Cooked to perfection with ginger roots, garlic, and yogurt cream, lending their unique textures and flavors. Coconut curry is added as the final flourish and makes this dish as the ideal takeout food.


The centerpiece of our menu- a beautifully cooked chicken breast with flavorful stuffing. Stuffed with dried fruits for crunchiness, accompanied with creamy cheese and rich Indian spices. Topped off with almond sauce for a boost of flavor and texture. 

Mango Chicken 

Immersed in Indian curry sauce and stuffed with mango- Mango Chicken offers the ideal balance of spicy and sweet flavors. Cashews add an extra flavorful kick while the tangy curry sauce boosts the texture of the dish. 

At India Bistro Roosevelt, we offer takeout and delivery service in Seattle, WA. If authentic Indian food is what you crave, then you won’t want to miss out on our signature dish menu. We cover every variety of Indian food and serve them with our unique touch. 

Visit our website or give us a call to place your order. 

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