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India Bistro’s Intro to Masala Indian Food

India Bistro’s Intro to Masala Indian Food
India Bistro’s Intro to Masala Indian Food

Did you know masala is a term used for any spice mix? That’s it! You are forgiven if you previously thought it was a particular food or a certain group of spices. The word masalah in Hindi and Urdu, comes from the Arabic masalih. A masala can be any combination of dried spices, or even a paste made from a mixture of spices. You might be familiar with the paste concept at the grocery store with the ingredients like garlic, chilli, and tomato pastes. Some examples of a dried spice mixture would be curry powder, chili powder, and any seasoned salt. Masalas are used in Indian cuisine to add flavor and spice to a dish. Familiar masalas such as Tikka Masala, Curries and Masla chai. Much of the Indian subcontinent also uses spice mixes in their cooking.

Rack of Lamb Masala: This masala is not to be missed. Australian choice lamb, marinated in our signature sauce, cooked in the tandoor to the perfect texture. The succulent texture and the delectable flavor flourished with a garlic masala sauce and served with basmati rice and vegetables.

Tikka Masala: Our Chicken Tikka is one of our top Indian food lunch specials here at India Bistro as well as a favorite for dinnertime too. We make our Chicken Tikka with pieces of tender, boneless chicken breast marinated in our special blend of spices and grilled in a tandoor.

Bhindi Masala: Also known as Okra Masala, Bhindi Masala, is a hearty and flavorful vegetarian dish which is also one of our featured lunch specials as well as a tasty dish for dinner. It is made with stir-fried okra in a unique blend of masala spices.

Chana Masala: Chickpeas are another protein-packed vegetarian option, and our Chana Masala features chickpeas with onion, tomato, and masala spices. Find this as a vegetarian option on our lunch specials!

Indian Curry: Our signature curry here at India Bistro is a creamy gravy made with onion, tomato, ginger, a blend of Indian spices, and fresh cilantro. We offer this house specialty with your choice of chicken (boneless or bone-in) or lamb.

Order these or any of your favorite masala type dishes from our menu today! We invite you to enjoy the Best Indian Food in Seattle, WA here at India Bistro in Roosevelt. We are now back open for dine-in service during lunch time. You can also try our carefully crafted dishes by placing an order for takeout or delivery today, and be sure to try our other menu items.

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