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India Bistro’s Favorite Summer Indian Food Part 1

India Bistro Summer Indian Food 1
India Bistro’s Favorite Summer Indian Food Part 1

Indian Food is wonderful any time of year, but there’s a good reason why consuming it during the Summer season is especially wonderful. Indian food is known for its flavorful combination of spices that make it such a distinct and delicious cuisine. The taste and techniques of Indian food are some of the most versatile in the world, with spices that can be adapted to reflect the ingredients of the season, such as summertime. Depending on the main elements of the dish, certain spices can elevate the flavors to encourage light, summery notes that can be enjoyed during the warmer months of the year. It is well known how hot many parts of the Indian subcontinent can get, and spice is not something to shy away from in the heat.

Here are some of our favorite dishes at India Bistro Roosevelt that will compliment your Summer Indian cuisine experience.

- India Bistro Seafood Trio

Cannot choose one- why not three? King salmon, scallops, and prawns are grilled in our tandoor oven and finished with a creamy citrus sauce that will keep you craving more. Order extra if you’ve got a group, so everyone can try some!

- Mango Chicken

Mangoes are commonly used in Indian cooking, both in savory and sweet dishes. One of our favorite dishes that use mangoes as the main ingredient is our Mango Chicken. This entree consists of boneless marinated chicken breast simmered in special cashew and mango curry sauce. We cook the tender pieces of chicken in the sauce so that each bite is full of the sweet and tangy notes of mango.

- Tandoori Combo

Can’t decide which tandoori dish sounds good? Try a few options with our Tandoori Combo! This house specialty comes with a combination of tandoori chicken, lamb, chicken tikka, seekh kebab, fish, and prawns cooked in the tandoor.

- Garlic Naan

Why have plain naan when you always have garlic as an option? In reality, we have an extensive naan menu at India Bistro, however, garlic is always the best choice because it goes with just about every dish. Leavened bread of fine flour flavored with garlic & basil.

Try our Indian food today! We invite you to enjoy the Best Indian Food in Seattle, WA here at our Indian Restaurant India Bistro in Roosevelt. We are now back open for dine-in service during lunchtime. You can also try our carefully crafted dishes by placing an order for takeout or delivery today and be sure to try our other menu items.


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