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India Bistro’s Favorite Indian Food Desserts

India Bistro’s Favorite Indian Food Desserts
India Bistro’s Favorite Indian Food Desserts

Mithais, a Hindi/Urdu word for sweets, are an integral part of Indian food. While like most cultures desserts are eaten with a hearty meal- in India sweets and desserts are an important part of festivals. Mithais are made with some combination of flour, sugar, nuts, fruits, and milk. Then they are flavored with cardamom, rose water, or saffron. Most mithais are either dry or semi-hard, then soaked in milk or a sugar flavored syrup. Here are some of our customer favorites that are staples on our dessert menu. If you have a sweet tooth enjoy our authentic Indian desserts that have been passed down through generations.

Here are the details of our desserts from our menu:

Gulab Jamman  

Gulab comes from the Persian words gol and āb, flower and water respectively. Jamun is the Hindi word for an Indian fruit commonly known as black plum. They are made of khoya, which is a ball-shaped milk powder. The khoyas are deep-fried and dipped in a sugary syrup, which is usually flavored. Our gulab jamman we make sure the dough is fried golden brown and then served with our homemade cardamom syrup.


In India there are many different milk-based puddings and kheer is one of the favorites. This sweet dish is typically made by boiling milk, sugar, and rice. Our mouthwatering rice pudding made fresh with crushed basmati rice drenched in thick sweet milk and laced with grated pistachio chips.

Ras Malai

Ras malai is a sweet dish originating from the Bengali region of the Indian subcontinent. Ras means juice and malai means cream. This dessert consists of a creamy dough made of Indian cottage cheese which is soaked in sweetened condensed milk. Our homemade ras malai is flavored with cardamom pistachio.

If you’re not ready to venture out into this dishes or have a picky eater among your crowd here are desserts enhanced by one of the most popular fruit flavors.

Mango Ice Cream

Our freshly made ice cream has a blend of mango and topped with crushed pistachios.

Mango Mousse

Homemade mousse with whipping cream and mango pulp.

Order these or any other dishes from our menu today! We invite you to enjoy the Best Indian Food in Seattle, WA here at India Bistro in Roosevelt. We are now back open for dine-in service during lunch time. You can also try our carefully crafted dishes by placing an order for takeout or delivery today, and be sure to try our other menu items.

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