When herbs and spices are added to a dish, they act on the ingredients in some specific and wonderful ways. Contrary to what you might think, they don't always make the dish spicy. Only a few spices actually add a hot taste. Most indian spices act as aromatics, which add subtle fragrance to the food. Others are coloring agents, to make classic dishes lovely to behold. Still other spices add tartness or can help to tenderize the meat. Still other spices can lend texture a sauce. The cuisine is also known for it's delicate flavors and silky sauces. Often, the dishes are prepared with yogurt, cream fruits and nuts to mellow and velvetize the sauces.


With a full service bar you can have any drink from beers of India to local favorites. 



Located in the heart of the Roosevelt district India Bistro provides a great atomsphere. From quick lunches to white table cloth fine dinning experience. India BIstro has it all.


Tandoor oven is not an Indian secret anymore. India Bistro serves countless dishes from its Tandoor Oven.